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About Me

Who IS this guy?

Well, you found me. Somehow. Congratulations pal - I guess we're friends now. I'm thirty years old, make my livin' as a picture-framer and spend all my available time making Illustrated books and Graphic Novels.

I've been doing this here Illustration thing now for five years. Ain't seen much in the way of mainstream success, but I'm still here doing my thing, away in the corner. I very much plan to be mainstream, but unfortunately Illustration is a game where the ball is always in someone else's court. You reach out to a publisher but it's out of your hands after you've sent 'em the work. So I've just started doing my own books on Amazon KDP - - you can find them in the 'Graphic Novel' section of me ol'website here. They've gotten some real swell reviews.


If it's so hard, then Why do you do it?

For a very long while, I resisted trying to do a book of my own, because I was afraid it would be bad. Because I knew it would be bad. I knew that it has to be bad - - because if you ever want to be good at something, you have to be bad first. In order to be wise, you have to be willing to look foolish.

It was only the revelation that the time to do this sort of thing will run out, as it has - - that spurred me on.  At twenty-Five I left university, where I had studied Graphic Design and played at studying Illustration. I realised very quickly that Illustrator is not a job for just anybody. It is a cruel and punishing spirit to chase, and yet in doing this kind of work I felt that I was In the right place. Like I was built for it - - as though I had always been destined for it, unfortunately.

To make a living as an artist is practically speaking, quite impossible - though many do manage it. I chose a different approach right off the bat. I worked. I got a job, and drew every evening, weekend and spare moment. The jobs themselves have not at all been very glamorous or rewarding but, I am not ungrateful, as many people have given me opportunities based on very little. I am practically speaking, not a very useful person - - and so those who have helped me really do occupy a special place in my heart. without them I would not be in the stable place I am now.

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